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Project, Website, Mobile Management,
Software Release Management
Portfolio Management
Process Mapping & optimization

Highly recomended

Years of experience

20-50% Time reduction

International experiance

Project & Process Audit and assessment

Team in place. Project started. Client waiting .. and no /or/ slow progress?
We’ve seen it, and in most cases – we can fix it!

.. we can make it work!

Project Rescue

… Sometimes projects go rouge. We are the ones to put them on the right track.

... when miracles come in handy!

Project Management

To much to do & to little time/ resources? 
We will analise the scope, recommend solutions, adjust and plan resources – and much more.

... swift and effective!

Online and mobile Production Management

Online and mobile production is a complex task that needs to end with a simple result – project delivery… and it needs to be on time, in scope and within a designated budget… and WE’re good at it!

... implementing your vision!

Website Management

You don’t need to take care of your site – you got a whole business to run! 
Website Management Outsourcing provides specialised range of services that can take the burden of management – off the client’s shoulders. We got you covered!

... take the burden off your shoulders!

Our perspective!


“It’s THE most urgent matter of the Month – we cannot fail! … well – I guess it can wait – we have time, no hurry – would you like a tuna sandwich?”

When working for a big organization – a national or international one, you always have to deal with several parties who can have a “slightly different” approach to the urgent matter at hand.

Naturally, in many cases there are some national “customs” or “working habits” involved that you simply need to take into account. We all know quite famous Polish project fever, Indian all-round calmness, Swedish major picture view and other stereotypical urban legends.
The interesting this is that projects we’re running are happening on the verge of each of those approaches, and one have to swiftly and skillfully navigate between them in order to succeed.

.. so – how about that tuna sandwich?

Reign of Efficiency rained upon by an avalanche of processes!

The best is yet to come they say .. the future will bring wealth and prosperity they say – and it has, and it’s quite enough of it for the moment, thank you, please go elsewhere with all those procedures –regulating other procedures!

There are two kinds of disasters and each major trend has to go through both of them.
Origins of the first one can be described as the lack of … origins of the second – and an overflow.

Both situations, given their increasing dynamic in trend’s strength can become disasters on a local or global scale. Equally, both can be amended if spotted in the right time.

What our Customers are saying.

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Power of persuasion, charismatic leadership and Pure Creativity in one person!
Because of his effectiveness and brilliance Michael is a Manager everyone wants to work with. Loyal business partner and a good man.

We work together at a large B2B business platform for leading client in the FMCG sector. The project was complicated due to a lot of decision makers, very demanding deadlines and parallel pending initiatives. It was impossible to do until I saw Michael in action!

You are Great! I fully recommend! 

Monika Hołdak Hypermedia Isobar Dentsu Group

Michal is always fully committed to his job and goals. He always tries to find new ways for achieving them with awareness of P&L and KPIs. I recommend Michal for each marketing team as well as operational manager especially in new media, mobile, internet area.

Aleksander Krzempek Polish Yellow Pages & Clearsence Interactive agency

„It is the fastest digital framework created and implemented in Fabric Care digital history in 1 month vs. 4-6 months of standard timing!” (about Ariel South Africa project)

P&G Regional Digital Associate Brand Manager


Our team has worked for:

Do IT with Poland

The film shared thanks to M Promotion Agency. Promotional video was created for the purpose of promoting the services industry ICT / IT, the project „Promotion of Polish economy on international markets.”